Thank you goes out to Ms. Theresa Harris, of Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church in Macon, Ga., and her team of supporters. Ms. Harris lost her daughter, Crystal, to domestic violence ten years ago. Since then, she, along with the supporters of her church, have sponsored a Domestic Violence awareness event each year. The event is called Crystal's Call - Eliminating Domestic Violence One Step at a Time",

On 10/1/16, the event included a march from the Government Center in Macon, Ga. (formally city hall) to Gateway Park in Macon, Ga., as well as a brief ceremony that included faith based leaders; law enforcement officials; community leaders, the Macon Judicial District Attorney; community support program officials, former domestic violence victims, etc. who discussed the goal of eliminating domestic violence in Central Georgia.

The event also served as a FUNDRAISER in support of Family Counseling Center of Central Georgia’s Victim Counseling Program which is also supported by the State of Georgia’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. The event raised over $2,000.