Individual, Marital, and Family Therapy

Family Counseling Center offers you the opportunity to talk with a trained therapist in Macon or Warner Robins. Our professional staff can help you with issues such as:

  • Premarital and marital issues
  • Single parent family issues
  • Divorce and the restructuring of families
  • Substance abuse
  • Child rearing questions
  • Sexual/gender concerns
  • Depression
  • Family violence
  • Communication difficulties
  • Care of young children and elderly family members
  • Follow up care after hospitalization
  • Unruly Children
  • Relationship Issues
  • Blended Families
  • Step-parenting

There are no eligibility requirements and no outside referral is necessary. It only takes one call to start the healing. You can fill out the initial intake form online, and we will call you for an appointment. You may also call the Macon office at 478-745-2811 or the Warner Robins office at 478-918-0663.

All appointments are free for anyone who has been a victim of a crime with a relevant police report. Appointments are also free for anyone who lives in the City limits of Macon or Warner Robins, Georgia and is a resident of Public or Section 8 Housing; or anyone who receives TANF (Welfare) or Food Stamps or anyone who is a participant in the Habitat for Humanity Program.

Other fees are determined by your annual family income and number of people living in the home. To find out what your fee would be, complete our fee worksheet online.

Counseling services are also provided to employees who are employed with companies that have an Employee Assistance Program. Employees should contact their company’s Human Resources Department.

Recognizing that services are an intensely personal experience, Family Counseling Center makes every effort to protect a person's right to privacy. All matters, from issues that emerge during therapy to questions of finances, are dealt with in a strictly confidential manner. Confidentiality is insured by both legal and ethical guidelines, as well as the very real sense of how each of us would want to have our privacy respected. We welcome you to our center.