The staff at the Family Counseling Center is here to serve you. Please note the following fee policies:

*No charge for anyone who receives Medicaid through the State of Georgia's Amerigroup, WellCare, Peach State or Care Source Medicaid Program.

*No charge for anyone who has been a victim of a crime and can provide documentation regarding the incident (i.e.: Police Report; Protective Order; Letter from the District Attorney’s office, a Letter from an authorized shelter; etc.).

*No charge for anyone who lives in the City limits of Macon or Warner Robins, Georgia and has documentation that they are a resident of Public or Section 8 Housing; or a recipient of TANF (Welfare) or Food Stamps; or anyone who is a participant in the Habitat for Humanity Program or anyone who participates in a Department of Housing and Urban Development program.

No charge for parents and legal guardians who have filed juvenile unruly charges with a law enforcement agency in Bibb, Peach or Crawford County.

Other fees are based on gross family income and the number of people living in the home. Provide the information below to determine your fee:

Gross Annual Family Income: $
Number of People Living in Home:  


We do not accept insurance, but you may file on your own insurance if you wish. We also participate in several companies’ Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Please contact the Human Resources Department of your company to determine if your company has an EAP program that provides counseling services.

If you have any questions regarding fees or charges, please call our office at any of the following phone numbers:

  • 478-745-2811
  • 478-936-0043
  • 478-918-0663